What you need to know before bitching

Basically, it’s this: I reserve the right to delete, or never release from moderation, your comments/suggestions/brainfarts at my own whim and leisure.  And I’m a lawyer, kids.  Don’t try to pull that “BUT MY RIGHTS!” crap here.

What will help you to escape my whim and leisure is the following:

1) Have some sense of the level of privilege you possess and are about to convey before conveying same.  See here for clarification.

2) Refrain from being overtly and unironically disrespectful towards myself or marginalized groups.  “It’s rape, lol!” is OK when you’re trying to subvert rape jokes; actual rape jokes are not. And even so, if you do cross the line somewhere, even without knowing it or intending to do so, and myself/another commenter asks you to stop, do so.

3) Read all this fucking shit before you bust out that tired “I didn’t realize civility was sexist!” crap.

3a) In fact, why don’t you go ahead and avoid all sincere use of sexist tropes (including but not limited to “you’re so shrill,” “feminists are humorless,”  “you hate men,” etc).

3b) In fact fact, why don’t you go ahead and avoid sincere use of ALL ridic, hateful shit (“that’s retarded,” “you’re gay,” “Ann Coulter is a dirty tranny,” etc).

4) Do not threaten to rape me or insinuate that I need to be raped or blah blah de blah blah blah rapecakes.  That shit is so 4chan, and who wants to be associated with fucking 4chan?

5) Be nice.  Be thoughtful.  Don’t be hateful.  You can be really, really funny without being hateful.  You can even disagree, that’s cool.  You just can’t be a big ol’ douchecanoe about it.  That’s not too much to ask, right?


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